Investment in Ownpage (editorial customization)

POPESCO stepped into in the market area of customization of content by taking a stake in Ownpage Technology. Vladimir Popesco, was appointed to the Strategic Committee of the company founded in 2013 by Stéphane Cambon.

Ownpage has developed recommendation algorithms specifically designed for the suggestion of editorial content. The Artificial Intelligence technology developed by Ownpage makes an analysis of both text and metadata items as well as of the reading behavior of users on sites and applications of its customers. This allows to offer customized information to each reader who has access to the most relevant content for him.

Ownpage demonstrated the performance of its technology that enables publishers to increase their audience, retain their readers longer and enhance the value of their offer.

Ownpage SaaS offers two solutions:

  • The Customized Newsletters, fully customizable (scale model, frequency, content types, etc.) are used to send directly into the email box of the reader, a selection of relevant content.
  • Customization API offers publishers the opportunity to develop the most appropriate customization features to their digital strategy (personalized homepage, personalized mobile alerts, suggestions block)

Ownpage already has very prestigious references such as Le Monde, Les Echos or the Express-Roularta group.