Group History and Founder


Founded in 2002 the first company of the group (originally called POPESCO) first started by providing operational strategy consulting on subjects related to Communications technologies. The concept, baptized “from slide to reality”, is to not only explain what has to be done but also to offer to achieve it and to commit on costs and delays. From this first activity derives the POPESCO logo with the graduate hat over the smiling “op”, representing academic know how and business friendliness.

Consulting business, based on the Founder’s know how was successful enough to make some cash reserves. In 2005, POPESCO started-up a Moldavian Subsidiary called POPSHORE providing offshore (nearshore) outsourced services. On top of projects for external clients, POPSHORE rapidly showed its ability to become the Low Cost Factory of all further internal projects.

In early 2006, POPESCO raised funds (equity and debt) in order to startup (a brand of the company) that was to rapidly become a significant player in the arena of Global services of Internet Fax. During 4 years, the service has grown to a footprint over 25 countries. In the scope of developing services the company has built subsidiary in Portugal (POPFAX Portugal) and several Representative Offices in Europe and in the USA.

In 2010 the original company was renamed POPFAX and incorporated in the new holding company POPESCO. The foundation of POPESCO Holding is the commencement of Group activities diversification, trying to keep a global synergy between subsidiaries and investments.

Vladimir POPESCO, Group founder

Before creating the company, Vladimir Popesco was during two years, CEO of a subsidiary and business unit manager for LDCOM group (3rd largest fixed operator in France, now consolidated as SFR – NeufCegetel).

He previously worked within the France Telecom group, where he was initially CTO of Voxtel (Moldavian GSM operator subsidiary of Orange International), and subsequently responsible for corporate strategy issues.

Before this, he was in charge of the development of telecom networks for the French Ministry of Defence where he had first contributed to setting up a team of digital signal and image processing experts.

Vladimir Popesco is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique and from Telecom Paris and he started his career in research for British Telecom.