Services and Investments

POPESCO is a Service Provider and an Investments Company

About us

POPESCO is a Service Provider and an Investments Company. The company provides services to its subsidiaries and external clients. As a holding, its purpose is to :

  • Ensure the consistent management of its subsidiaries.
  • Start-up new companies in synergy with other group activities.
  • Grow the group business ecosystem by taking a minority stake in companies with activities related to the group business, thus facilitating all types of partnerships.

Group Companies, Projects and Ecosystem

Our services

Advising Entrepreneurs

on strategic positioning, on opportunities for merge and acquisition or on equity investments.


Operational Strategy Consulting

to support Group product and services sales, either in pre sales business optimization analysis or during post sales implementation

Nearshore Outsourcing

Offering outsourced services (BPO, ITO) managed in France and produced by Popshore (Moldavian subsidiary)

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