TooFAX merges with Popfax : a consolidation for clients’ benefits

This Monday June the 12th, the Novaleo company decides to merge its TooFAX service into the one of its French competitor Popfax. Through this consolidation around the European leader of hosted professional fax Service (aka SaaS, “Software as a Service”) TooFAX is offering an increased safe perspective to its cients.

“Within our very competitive market, it seemed to us that it makes sense to offer to our clients the long term perspective of a worldwide Global operator like POPFAX. Each of our clients shall benefit through this from the best of both TooFAX and Popfax offers, and this on the long run at the best price” states Patrice Gueudelot, Founder of the Novaleo company which operates TooFAX.

Indeed, the volumes that managed to reach through a leading presence in 23 countries, provide  a quality and robustness insurance as well as an unbeatable cost for all its clients, among which the ones coming via TooFAX.

“With this operation, we have committed to offer to each TooFAX client a service at least as good as before, by keeping each of its features and by adding to it all the offers advantages, all this for a better price. It is very important that each client knows and can acknowledge that he is THE big winner of this merger” confirms Vladimir Popesco, Founder and CEO of the POPFAX operator.