Popfax.com adds voice to its unified messaging offer

Popfax.com extends the scope of services offered to its customers with a voice mail now associated with the Popfax number. From now on, the number can selectively answer to voice or fax calls. This first voice service comes as a move towards unified messaging that has been initiated when including SMS services.

In our high tech world, phone calls and faxes, along with other means of communication, are at the core of business operations. It happens, though, that voice calls can be intrusive at some times or that one can’t always be available to answer important business calls.

Therefore, Popfax.com has come up with a new “voice mail” feature for customers interested in reliable and innovative Unified Messaging Services, enriching its original Internet Fax service. The voice messaging service is a voice recorder associated with a Popfax account. It detects the type of call received, playing a personalized welcome message to voice calls, and then acts like an answering machine. Messages are then forwarded by email or stored in the Popfax account on the Web.

Why does the Popfax.com voice mail option increase productivity? Just because it makes Popfax.com customers 100% reachable at any time:

1) not only by fax but also by voice calls;
2) without being disturbed by intrusive phone calls during meetings;
3) and without having to spend anything, the option is fully included in Popfax.com offer at no extra cost!

Vladimir Popesco, the founder and CEO of Popfax says: “Our team has the ambition to create new solutions and to improve the quality of communication for our customers beyond Internet fax services. We believe that unsolicited or unexpected voice calls have started to become very intrusive to many businessmen. Our clients now have a new filtering option at no extra cost. We keep being focused on our strategy of providing low cost, fully featured and always richer services.”